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Pet Records

Need your pet's medical records? We can fetch them for you! Please review our policies below to maintain client safety and remain in compliance with the Veterinary Practice Act

Policy for Medical Records

We can send records directly to:

  • Owner(s) listed on pet’s account

  • Anyone the owner gives us permission to send to

If you are a vet clinic, vet hospital, 501c3 shelter, 501c3 rescue or law enforcement, please note:

  • Please have the owner fill out the records request form below and put your institution as the party to receive the records

  • If you do not know the owner:

    • We can send owner contact information (Name/Phone/Email) to licensed healthcare professionals, law enforcement or public health authorities. This includes:

      • 501c3 Rescues

      • 501c3 Shelters

      • Veterinary Clinics

      • Veterinary Hospitals 

      • Police Departments

    • We can give rescues/shelters/clinic/hospitals/police the client’s contact information so that they may ask the client to personally request the pet’s medical history through our website designating the rescue/shelter/clinic/hospital’s email address as the place to send the records to

We cannot send records or owner contact information to:

  • An individual PERSON requesting records that is NOT listed on the pet’s account — unless given permission by the owner

  • Anyone NOT identified above as a licensed healthcare professional, law enforcement or public health authority — unless given permission by the owner

Let's fetch those records! Fill out the records request form and you should receive your pet's records within 12 hours of submitting a request. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our staff at or 601-544-5678.

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