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Spay It Forward

You'll help fund our spay and neuter programs that prevent the overpopulation of homeless animals, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for countless furry friends.

Ways to

However you choose to support Southern Pines, rest assured your gift will have a direct impact in our community. Southern Pines is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that depends on generous donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations to fund our programs, supplies, and operational expenses.

How does your gift help?


Provides overnight care for a sick pet


Allows us to test and accurately diagnose at risk puppies for parvovirus


Sponsors a cat's spay/neuter surgery to help reduce pet overpopulation


Enables a pet to receive life-changing entropion surgery


Subsidizes the cost of dental procedures for a pet in need

Make a one time gift to help us continue offering low-cost spay & neuter services and affordable wellness services to our community, making a difference for both pets in need and the families that care for them.


Donating monthly helps Southern Pines Organization with sustainable income that we can rely on to fund vital services for pets in the Pine Belt. Join our Constant Companion Club for just the price of one coffee out a month, you can help save lives, you can rewrite stories, and you can give a cat or dog in need the opportunity for health and happiness through affordable vet care.


To memorialize our friend Dorothy's love and work with Hattiesburg community cats, we created this special fund designed to help assist with the cost of fixing community cats. With this fund, we hope to honor her memory by continuing her legacy of love for community cats and her commitment to the mission of Southern Pines.


With so many adorable clients, our supplies never last long. We have an Amazon Wishlist of our most-needed supplies that makes it so convenient to lend a paw. Just add the items you want to donate to your shopping cart and Amazon will ship straight to our door!

More Ways To Help

Donating isn't the only way you can help animals in your community! Check out these fantastic ways you can get involved to make a difference in the lives of people and pets of the Pine Belt.

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