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TNR Pricing

We fix community cats for a flat rate of $55, no appointment needed. Cats must be dropped off in a humane live trap on Monday-Thursday from



  • All community cats must come into the clinic in a secure humane live trap. The trap must remain with the cat during its stay. For the safety of the animals and our staff, we will not accept community cats that are not in a trap.

  • Community cats will be held over for one to two nights.

  • All community cats will receive an ear tip to show that they have been altered. 

  • Community cats will receive a rabies vaccination at the time of surgery. A rabies certificate and tag will be provided to you at discharge.

  • Price includes a cerenia injection as needed.

  • Please do not mislead our staff by putting an owned cat in a trap in order to avoid making an appointment for your pet.

  • View post-operative instructions and care here

Eartip graphic.png

An ear tip is the easiest way to identify a fixed outdoor cat.

Trap Rental


  • We provide trap rentals for 7 days at a refundable deposit of $80 per trap. This deposit will be refunded to you when the trap is returned in its original, working condition after releasing the cat. To rent a trap, simply visit our clinic during business hours and request a trap.


  • Use trap only for humane trap-neuter-return at the Healthy Pet Clinic.

  • Never leave set traps unattended.

  • Fully cover occupied traps with a towel or blanket to relieve the animal’s stress.

  • Collect trapped cats promptly from the area in which they have been trapped and provide temperature-controlled shelter both before surgery and during recuperation.

  • Return traps cleaned and sterilized with a bleach/water mix by the return date.

Dorothy Ricks

Community Cat Fund

Dorothy Ricks was an unwavering force for good in Hattiesburg, partnering with Southern Pines for over a decade to help improve the lives of homeless, hurting, and in need animals. To memorialize our friend Dorothy's love and work with Hattiesburg community cats, we've decided to create the Dorothy Ricks Community Cat Fund to help assist with the cost of fixing community cats. 

  • Why should I spay or neuter my pet?
    Every year, millions of unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized because they are unable to find homes. Spaying and neutering your pet prevents unwanted litters, protects against certain health issues, and may reduce some unwanted behaviors associated with the mating instinct.
  • Are there health benefits to altering my pet?
    Altering your animal prevents uterine infections and cancer in females and prevents testicular cancer in males. If females are altered before their first or second heat cycle, this also reduces the risk of mammary cancer.
  • Will a spay or neuter surgery alter my pet's personality?
    A spay or neuter surgery will not alter your pet’s base personality. Some changes that you may see instead include reduction of nuisance behaviors such as marking, yowling, and wandering in search of females in heat.
  • At what age can my pet be spayed or neutered?
    Pets must be a minimum of 2 months of age and no older than 7 years of age to be eligible for surgery. Our clinic is designed to accept healthy animals for spay and neuter surgeries. If your pet has underlying health problems, the surgery should be performed at a full service vet clinic or be evaluated by our wellness team prior to surgery. If your pet has not been feeling well, it is best to reschedule the surgery for a later date.
  • If my pet is in heat or pregnant, can she still have surgery?
    Yes, however, we require additional supportive care for pets that are in heat, are pregnant, or recently had puppies/kittens. We do not have ultrasound equipment to find out if your pet is pregnant, so we will terminate the pregnancy if the animal stays for surgery. Please let us know if your pet may need these additional services or see your regular, full service veterinary clinic in order to provide the safest care for their spay or neuter surgery.
  • How long should I wait to spay my pet after she has a litter?
    We recommend waiting 8-10 weeks after your pet has had a litter of puppies/kittens before having her spayed. This is typically 2 weeks after the babies have weaned, to allow her milk to dry up. We require additional supportive care for pets that are in heat, are pregnant, or recently had puppies/kittens. Please let us know if your pet may need these additional services or see your regular, full service veterinary clinic in order to provide the safest care for their spay or neuter surgery.
  • Will my pet stay overnight after their surgery?
    As a general rule, animals will be discharged on the same day as their surgery. The vet may choose to keep larger dogs overnight for additional supervision. There is a $25 late fee if you are more than 30 minutes late to pick up your pet, or if the pet is left here overnight.
  • Why does my pet have to have a rabies vaccination?
    Per MS state law, you must have a current rabies vaccination for your pet. If your pet does not have a rabies vaccine, we will administer it at the time of surgery for a charge of $10. If your pet does have a rabies vaccine, please bring proof in the form of a rabies certificate or current vaccination record from your veterinarian.
  • Is a leash/carrier required for my pet?
    Yes, all dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier. If you do not have a carrier for your cat, you can purchase a carrier at our clinic for $10. It is important that your cat is in a secure carrier BEFORE entering the clinic. If you are bringing more than one cat, they must be in separate carriers. Please refrain from bringing pet's personal items, such as bedding and toys, on their day of surgery. Due to the high volume of pets seen at our clinic each day, we cannot guarantee the return of these items.
  • What form of payments do you accept?
    We accept cash and credit/debit cards. We also have a method of payment called Scratchpay that allows you to create a payment plan for larger bills. We do not accept CARE CREDIT.
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